A light, open plan space to relax and unwind

There's a large open plan living space on the ground floor of the chalet.  The four sets of sliding doors flood the space with natural light.  

One section of the room is given over to two mid-century modern styled oak dining tables, seating up to 14 people.  The copper-coloured inners of the lampshades give a warm atmospheric glow at dinner. 

Two contemporary sofas and two 1950s classic fireside chairs mean plenty of space for lounging (snoozing) with a book, or chatting with friends. 

Choose a book from the library and settle down for a good read.  If you haven't finished a book by the time you leave, take it with you, and pass it on to a charity shop when you're done.

The ukulele, guitar and bodhrán are there to be played. Feel free to knock out some tunes - we've had some truly talented musicians keep everyone entertained for hours.