New developments in the Grand Massif for 2017-8 Season.


We're super excited with all the developments happening up the hill.  During the summer, there's been helicopters flying & construction teams busy at work, before the ski domain opens on 9th December.  

The Coulouvrier Bowl

There's a whole new ski field opened up in the Coulouvrier Bowl,  between Samoëns and Morillon.  

A new fast 6-seater chairlift will service the bowl, rising from 1,200m to 2,120 at the top of Tête de Saix.  The 2,850m to the summit mean it'll be the longest chairlift of its type in Europe, and it's only 10 minutes to get to the top!  Moving 3,000 people per hour, its a nice fast way to get to the top.

Two new blue runs down to the lift are being added for this coming season, and two more red ones in 2018/9.  And there's 70 new snow canons in this new area, increasing snow-sureness.

Relieving congestion at the top of Tête de Saix

Regular visitors will be familiar with the 'mountain rush hour congestion' on the run home to Samoëns towards the end of day.  The top of Tête de Saix used to get quite busy as skiers funnelled down a couple of key access pistes.  During the summer, the top has been, well, flattened a bit, and pistes remodelled to relieve the congestion.  It also means some amazing 360 degree alpine vistas from that top vantage point.  

Improved snow making in Flaine

A new 110,000 reservoir is being created to feed the snow canons - its a 10x increase on the existing capacity - so quite a step up.  The design for the Veret reservoir carefully integrates the development into the natural landscape.

Green Globe

Back in autumn 2016, the Grand Massif was awarded “Green Globe” status - the first ski resort to gain this accreditation for all of its services - lifts, pistes & associated management.