Walking: La Bourgeoise

A nice easy stroll, with an impressive view.  Perfect for a baking hot Sunday afternoon.  It's route #10 in our guide book, and the first of our challenge to walk up all the "Septimontains" - the seven mountains around Samoëns (and co-incidentally, the local name for inhabitants of Samoëns).

The easy way to summit La Bourgeoise is to start from the Col de Joux Plane.  For us, that means sticking the dog in the car and driving up, but for an astonishing number of locals, it means donning the lycra and cycling uphill.  It's amazing zigzag route up the mountain, with jaw dropping views down to the valley. And at this time of year, just a few weeks before the Tour de France comes through, it's cyclists that out number cars on the road,  easily 10:1. 

There's a car park at the summit, and it's easy to pick up the signposted path to La Bourgeoise summit.  We encountered plenty of cows, which terrified Denis the dog.  We're not sure if it's their size, or the loud cow bells clanging, but the poor boy wouldn't shift, so The Sidster carried him past the (perceived) danger.  The cows seem quite at home on really quite steep slopes - quite the mountain goats. 

It's an easy walk, on a clearly marked path, right across to the summit.  We had a pretty clear day, and Mont Blanc looked majestic (and white) in the background.  For me though, the fascinating thing is the view down into the Giffre valley.  Seeing the familiar road layouts & various hamlets from a different perspective is great.  A gentle reminder of how small we all are in the world around us.  But we did manage to spot our chalet with the binoculars.

Its about 35 mins to the summit, and 30 back (downhill) .  A great spot for a picnic, or the cafe by the lake (near the car park) does great coffee & cake, and the owners are super-friendly.