Woohoo.  Momentous day chez PureAlps... the hot-tub is in :)   

I'd been getting a bit anxious about the delivery itself, as we'd pressed ahead with getting the turf down and the flower borders planted... And a 6 person hot tub doesn't easily fit up the garden path. But it was all very straight forward in the end.

Mr Simply-Spas, aka Simon, has a clever little spa trailer with mega bouncy wheels, and a Range Rover.  A quick reverse-in over the meadow, down the slope, planks over the lawn, and Robert's your mother's brother.   A nice controlled slide off the trailer and it's right at home on its base.  

We filled it up - just a couple of hours with a garden hose (thank goodness it's not with buckets, as some property management chums of ours needed to do this winter when an outside tap froze), and then overnight for the water to heat up to a toasty 38 degrees.  

With the hard landscaping work on hold pending the delivery of the rest of the slabs, it has a certain build-site ambience right now.  But what heck, we're going in :).