More garden progress

Hallelujah for the rain.  It's not often I say that, but having just laid some extraordinarily expensive turf, I've been mighty pleased to see it. Two weeks after laying the instant lawn, it's rooted nicely, is even more green, and looking just lovely.  Looking around us, I fear it's the last time our lawn will ever be weed free... We share a boundary with a bona fide meadow.  None of this wildflowers from a seed packet stuff - straight up meadow that maintains its flora (and fauna) from self-seeded buttercup, cow parsely, dandelion et al, all helped along by horse muck from when our cheval chums come to stay.

The hard landscaping seems to be taking forever - but that maybe because we decided to DIY with a solitary spade & shovel, rather than get in the contractors.  It's a total about-face from when we were cash rich and time poor in the city.  But it's hugely satisfying to see it take shape.  The base for the hot tub is in, as is most of the retaining wall for the sheltered seating area round the BBQ-come-fire-pit.  Today's project is finishing the wall and laying the slabs, while the weather is good.  Tomorrow forecast to rain, so we'll be having the fun of man-handling the hot-tub into position, in the rain.