Septi-Contest 2016

The Samoëns lifts closed today (although Flaine stays opens for another week).  It's the first time we've been here for Septi-Contest - the end of the season jollities - so although we weren't skiing, we did drive up the hill to enjoy the fun.  

A large swimming pool has been constructed (using snow and a pool liner) at the bottom of the main access route coming off the Vercland bubble lift.  And the brave (crazy) souls partaking in the event, ski down the slope as fast as they can, and launch themselves on the surface of the water, with the aim of water-skiing safely to the other side.  Although for some, there's an alternative approach of creating the biggest entry splash possible.  Having paid close attention for an hour or two, we can report that the larger the splash, the greater the amusement (the audience get wet) but the less likely the contender is to water ski the full distance to the other side of the pool.  And there's also a special section for ski-born vehicles... even bigger splashes.

The best food of the season (spit roasted pork baps), beers and some banging tunes.  Top stuff for Saturday afternoon in April.  Even the sun came out in the end.  The Sidster studied the techniques closely, so I fear next year, he may be inclined to enter!