This living in the country lark brings us a changing landscape everyday. Last month, we woke up to discover a couple of horses in the field next door door. They belong to some folks who live a few doors down from us, and apparently they move around various vacant plots to keep the weeds down. They were ruthlessly efficient weed-munching machines in the few days they were next door to us.  

At the beginning of this week, we figured something else was afoot, as the farmer was adjusting fences in the field just up the lane from us. A couple of hours later, a flock of sheep came obediently trotting up the lane, following the human leader banging a tub of sheep nuts.

And today, a herd of cows arrived in the field opposite.  Pretty brown and white ones, with horns. I'm afraid my cow identification skills are limited. I did spot that one of them though, was a bull. Distinctively different undercarriage.  Thankfully, these cows don't have any bells on them... which is just as well, as those cow-bells are surprisingly noisy. We can hear the herd on the hill above us clearly enough.

I'm kinda hoping we get some goats next...

(and yes, the garden is still a work in progress)