The PureAlps project started out with a crazy idea in 2007, that we could buy a plot of land and build our dream ski chalet.  Its taken a while, with a good few twists and turns along the way, but its finally done.  

We've been lucky to enjoy many skiing holidays with friends over the years, and on each trip, we've been working out what makes for a great chalet holiday.  Plenty of social space for lounging, playing games, making music. Decent-sized bedrooms where you have enough room to do some yoga as well as to simply sleep.  Powerful showers with plentiful hot water.  A hot tub.  Decent coffee (that one's really important).  Good food featuring local ingredients.  We've built our idea of a dream mountain holiday, and we're excited to share it with guests. 

Sid Harman

"I love to ski, ride motorbikes, take the dog for a walk... pretty much everything outdoors. I'm getting more into cycling at the moment.  Before coming to the Alps, I was a radiographer in London, but I'm now hoping I won't see any more broken bones"

Jayne Harman

"I love to ski, and to walk in the mountain with Denis the dog... although I only cycle sedately along the valley floor. Before coming to the Alps, I created and delivered digital strategies for Housing Associations, and I still do a bit of that now.  The web is a wonderful thing"